The Beast of Nod began as a home studio collaboration between Paul Buckley and former guitarist Chris DiGiuseppe in 2011. The pair wrote and recorded a number of demos, including "Sentient Squirrel Death Machine" and "Ripped Off Face," which laid the groundwork for the future direction of the band. In 2013, Paul moved to Boston and began looking for musicians to form a live lineup, and soon found local bassist Ryan James and drummer Leo Castano. 

The first lineup was complete when Ryan found local guitarist Goreblaster Korpse-Harvest (Will Lunden) in 2014. Through the Summer of 2015, the four-piece lineup practiced five of the Albany-era songs and one song written by Goreblaster ("Pyre of the Star Monkeys") in preparation to record a six-track EP in the Fall. Recording that EP, Enter the Land of Nod, was a long and challenging phase for the band, with the result that by Spring 2015, Leo had left the band and been replaced by Nate MacMillen (ex-Scourge). 

This iteration of the band was the first to play live: The band's first show was at the Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, MA on May 30, 2015. Although the band played a few more live shows in 2015, focus was already shifting toward writing new material. The band entered the studio again in Fall 2015 to record a five-track EP, Arrival, which consisted of three songs written by Goreblaster, one song from the original Albany demos, and one song which Goreblaster wrote based on a pair of riffs written by Chris DiGiuseppe. 

The band emerged from the studio with a second lineup change: Ryan left the band and was replaced by Brendan Burdick. Armed with new material and a new bassist, for the first 5 months of 2016 the band played out more regularly. While the band took a breather in May to accommodate Nate's wedding and honeymoon, a chance meeting at a local show folded local virtuoso Norwood Pearson-Waclawik (Lure of the Animal) into the lineup as a second guitarist. 

The current five-piece lineup, which began practicing in June 2016, played a long string of shows throughout the Summer and early Fall - highlights included opening for Soilwork, Unearth, Vital Remains, and Otep. The band is currently booking one or two shows per month while simultaneously writing music for their first full-length record; tracking for the album begins in early February.