The Universe (The land of nod)

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The Beginning of Our Universe

A Squirrel and Squid

The Birth and Rebirth of Two Evil Squids

The Super Eon Annihilator

Half Rhino, Half Man and a Cybernetic Tiger with a Dorsal-Mounted Laser Cannon

Star Monkeys, Builder of Pyres, Destroyer of Worlds

Artifacts, Magic, and Things That Should Not Be

Nod’s Metal

The Phoenix Nebula

The Celestial Cetaceans

  • Space Orcas
  • Long Beaked Common Cosmic Dolphins
  • Warping Right Whales
  • Pulsar Porpoises
  • Helio Humpbacks
  • Binary Blue Whales
  • Boson Belugas
  • Nebulonic Narwhals
  • Fermionic Sperm Whales
  • Anyonic Ambulocetus
  • Chrono Crenatocetus
  • Dysonic Dorudon
  • Blackbody Basilosaurus
  • Ichthyolestes of Kepler 62f
  • Pakicetus of Kepler 62f
  • Tesla Tohoraata
  • Cosmic Zygophyseter
  • Livyatan the Protectors
  • The Brygmophyseter Corps
  • Oscillating Odobenocetops
  • Anisotropic Australodelphis


The Beginning of Our Universe


In the timeline of cosmic existence many universes have and will exist.  The beginning of our universe started with the death of another. A cosmic event occurred that caused all matter to begin to decay.  In an act of desperation an individual tried to stop the death of the universe by devising a method to create new matter. Traveling alone far into empty space this individual set out to initiate their method, knowing full well they would most certainly die, just holding on to hope for all the rest.  The method did initiate, but it did not have the intended effect. The method had expedited the end of the original universe while creating a new one. And the individual did not die, they became embedded within the fabric of this new universe. This universe would become known as The Land of Nod. Early in The Land of Nod matter began to coalesce and the individuals conscious began to awaken.  Slowly coming to understand what they had created and what they had become. The individual began referring to themselves by the moniker Vanishing Commutator as a remembrance of the method that had created them.


Many eons would pass before the ingredients necessary for physical life were available.  During this time the Vanishing Commutator influenced everything, beginning to cultivate a robust and healthy universe for life. Noticing that the matter in this universe had wide quantum probability ranges allowing for wild potential the Vanishing Commutator planned to augment life such that it could develop and use a wide variety of powers. Still eons away from life emerging the Vanishing Commutator began to feel a presence, another being had emerged. This was Chaos, a collection of everything dark and conflicted within the Vanishing Commutator. Being that the Vanishing Commutator is an intrinsic part of the universe he is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. The moment Chaos came into existence they clashed, and both realized they were born from the same individual embedded in the universe at its inception. Chaos began spreading his influence, destroying and poisoning wherever he could. But conflict between the two soon brought balance. Chaos is now imprisoned at the far edge of the universe by the Vanishing Commutator.  In this space Chaos has been able to create the ability to push communication to receptive parties. Some of these recipients are susceptible individuals, others are beings Chaos created prior to being imprisoned. One of these beings is a form of Chaos himself, specifically designed to collect information, experiment, and manipulate. This form of Chaos came to Earth during the Eocene Epoch and exposed a random selection of Earth to radiation designed to cause rapid beneficial mutations. Affecting some in extreme ways like the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine and the Cephalopod of Doom and others in simple and subtle ways, and in some cases affecting whole groups of individuals.




The Sentient Squirrel Death Machine was once one of the first squirrels to evolve in the Eocene Epoch on Earth and belonged to the species Hesperopetes thoringtoni.  The Cephalopod of Doom was a species of Spirula living in the oceans at the same time.  When Chaos experimented on Earth he created the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine and the Cephalopod of Doom, among others.  Both developed advanced morphology, durability, intelligence, longevity, and limited psionic powers. The Sentient Squirrel Death Machine and the Cephalopod of Doom were completely unaware of each other nor did know why they were created.  The Sentient Squirrel Death Machine’s mammalian traits for compassion and self-sacrifice shined through, spending most of his time saving injured and helpless animals as he wandered the Earth trying to make sense of his situation.


After several thousand years an advanced alien race known as the Krptaxians traveled through Earth’s solar system and discovered the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine.  They offered for him to join them on their journey and he accepted. He traveled with them through the galaxy on their ship, all the time feeling at home. He acquired new skills, knowledge, a new arm, eye, skull plate, and more.  Eventually the Krptaxians returned to their home world with the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine only to find it destroyed with one unknown ship orbiting.


Chaos had observed the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine leaving Earth and becoming a force for order in the universe and desired to impart judgement upon him.  Chaos came to the Cephalopod of Doom, gave him the ability to live both on land and water, and explained to him that he created him and the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine for great purpose and that he had abandoned their purpose and left the Cephalopod of Doom behind. Chaos explained that there are higher plains of existence and that life is suffering and the only way to end suffering is to end life. The Cephalopod of Doom was susceptible to this, his true nature was that of a solitary hunter and after spending thousands of years alone in the dark depths of ancient seas he was despair. Chaos offered him a plan, a plan to exact revenge upon the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine and to get off Earth. Chaos informed the Cephalopod of Doom that he would attract an alien space craft to Earth, instructing the Cephalopod of Doom to kill the crew and take the ship. After repairing and learning how to operate the ship the Cephalopod of Doom made his way to Krptax with the guidance of Chaos.


In a fit of rage, the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine caused the Cephalopod of Doom’s ship to crash onto the scorched planet, immediately following to the crash site to engage in battle.  Although both had similar powers and abilities when first created the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine had spent many years traveling the universe, growing and becoming more powerful. In the end the Cephalopod of Doom didn’t stand a chance and was beaten till no sign of life was left, his dead husk hurtled from the surface of the planet up through what was left of the atmosphere into space.  


The Sentient Squirrel Death Machine spends the next several thousand years helping the Krptaxians left in the universe to rebuild and repopulate their home world.  Once complete he moves on, feeling compelled to go out into the universe and protect others. He becomes both respected and feared, known for his generosity but also his brutality.  He always airs on the side of caution and will contain a threat by any means necessary, more than once he has ended an entire planet for utilitarian causes. Over time he has befriended a number of powerful and capable individuals, those that joined his team came to be known as Those that Slay.  All together they travel the universe seeking to help where help is needed. One of his main focuses is exterminating the Star Monkeys as he considers them to be the equivalent to a macroscopic plaque. They first became known to him shortly after leaving his adopted home world.


The Birth and Rebirth of Two Evil Squids

In contemporary times Vampira Infernalis was originally just a normal Vampyroteuthis infernalis until a research vessel dredging for artifacts happened to catch both Vampira and the soul gem together.  The soul gem is a powerful and of unknown origin and limit. Upon contact the soul gem fused with Vampira bringing out her true nature to its fullest.  Using the dominant species, humans, as a template it molded her into a new being. She was lifted to the vessel with the desire for power and dominance.  Immediately taking over the vessel and forcing it to dock, where once at port she promptly killed every last individual aboard.


Vampira spent time gathering information, resources, and building facilities for various purposes.  Amassing a great collection of powerful artifacts, energy sources, various weapons and technology. She used her ability to control the minds of others within a localized area to further speed her progress and within several years had operations spanning the galaxy.  Things did not always go smoothly though, several facilities both on and off Earth had escapees or major disasters. One facility on Earth that used animals for genetic, artifact, and cybernetic manipulation was completely shut down when PotRoast the Rhinoman and The Cybernetic Tiger with a Dorsal-Mounted Laster Cannon rebelled and broke out.  


She strove to engineer an army and become strong enough to where none could stand against her.  Her ambition caught the attention of Chaos and he introduced himself to her, informing her of the true nature of the soul gem and many other artifacts she had collected.  He then gave her the means to lure and trap the Super Eon Annihilator, a powerful creation of the Vanishing Commutator with the ability to travel time. With this she held him at the Prison of Ice eventually learning how to extract a limited amount of the ability from him.  


In hopes to grow her own power she studied everything she could about Chaos and his energy, finding traces left on Earth from millions of years ago.  She managed to trace this specific energy to its last known point in space, but nothing was to be found. Desperate for power she used a significant amount of the time travel ability to pull the Cephalopod of Doom from the past.  Using several of the artifacts she had collected she resurrected him and made him more powerful than he had ever been before.


The Cephalopod of Doom immediately attempted to assert himself but Vampira was both strong and cunning and would not allow such insolence.  She demonstrated she could overwhelm him and explained why she had brought him back to life. The two formed and uneasy alliance.


The Super Eon Annihilator

One of the beings created by the Vanishing Commutator he has vast power and the ability to travel time.  Having an extremely laid-back demeanor he enjoys life to the fullest and seeks unique cosmic events to observe.  He also enjoys music quite a bit and in his interactions with various cultures has become known by some as a god. It is rumored that his ability to travel time allows him trap creations of Chaos in time loops making him feared by even the most powerful of beings.  


After he is captured by Vampira the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine and Those that Slay receive information that the Prison of Ice is a Vampira facility and break in to free to detainees and destroy the facility.  When they free the Super Eon Annihilator and he immediately sends all imprisoned back to their home worlds, begins transporting himself, the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine, and Those that Slay to Earth, and destroys the Prison of Ice.  



PotRoast the Rhinoman and The Cybernetic Tiger with a Dorsal-Mounted Laster Cannon, who would come to be known as TeeCee, were both engineered at the same Vampira facility and held for years while being experimented on. That is until PotRoast grew strong enough to control some of his power from his horn infused with several artifacts. He was able to create constructs, rebel, and breakout. Thereafter PotRoast and TeeCee were given residence at The Beast of Nod headquarters.  All the other beings at the Vampira facility were given refuge as well, although no others were sentient. PotRoast would gain his name from Chris, one of the founding members of The Beast of Nod, soon after TeeCee choose her own name. After a period of adjustment both began to train to help The Beast of Nod and others with conflicts as they arose.  And it also became apparent that the two were seemingly a couple.



Another creation of Vampira Infernalis these creatures are engineered from many different species and artificial engineering.  She used a portion of her remaining time travel ability to seed them in the past such that a vast and diverse population would be available today for her to control if desired.  They are of a singular mind until a population of 250000 is hit. When this happens the population splits into two minds and are driven to explore in different directions. Having relatively short lifespans of just a few years they are extremely adaptive and can repopulate and grow at astounding rates.  Their main purpose tends to be the collection of resources and the assimilation of new technologies. They typically do this by ravaging planets as they stumble through the universe. While they do not value the lives of others they don’t focus on killing the inhabitants of planets. However, the planets they visit are usually left in such a state that nothing could live for very long.  As they continued to diversify many unique colonies have come into existence, some having surprising characteristics, even turning on their own or adopting peaceful ways, but most are a scourge to the universe.



Magic is not real although what appears to be magic is and individuals tend to still use the term for lack of understanding or ease of use.  Given beings like the Vanishing Commutator, Chaos, their created ones, and the wide quantum probability ranges of the universe many artifacts, pieces of knowledge, lineages, species, and places have either developed and/or been given certain abilities or potentials.  With the right systems, biology, or the knowledge, one can speak mere words and have great effect or with a thought can cause an action. What is typically referred to as magic is the full realization of biology, chemistry, and physics, using the mind as a physical mechanism to direct and control the physical world in particular ways.  While this does allow for wild potential all things have their limit.



One of the first forms of metal formed in the universe and enhanced by the Vanishing Commutator.  It is physically indestructible and can disrupt magic, telepathy, and most energy fields. To mold the metal there are only two known ways.  One is to find a being with matter manipulation abilities. The other is to travel in time to before the molecules have cooled in the early universe and transport them back; this is problematic for a number of reasons including the need to cool the molecules once molded.  Only small amounts are known to exist and finding any seems to be completely random. Nod’s Metal is known to make up the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine’s arm and faceplate, comprise most of one of Goreblaster’s androids, make up Red’s death axe, and is laced in TeeCee’s cells.  Many claim to have weapons made from the metal but none have been confirmed to be authentic.


The Phoenix Nebula

A place of myth and legend to most, it is the physical place where all things meet.  All that is to be originates here and all that ever was ends here. All information is retained while matter and energy are renewed.


Chrono Crenatocetus were originally just normal Crenatocetus rayi until a group were affected by Chaos at the same time as the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine and the Cephalopod of Doom.  Now having powers, they left Earth but periodically returned to Earth to liberate other species and help in their development.  Over time building a vast community stretching across several star systems. Some have more traditional biology and live within the oceans of planets.  While others live in and around other celestial bodies or even in space itself.


Space Orcas


They will travel anywhere and through anything in the galaxy but will always stay close to food sources like wild schools of comet running tuna.  And Space Orcas can often be found visiting planets established as feeding farms by the larger Celestial Cetaceans community. Highly social but can be aggressive.  


Long Beaked Common Cosmic Dolphins


The jokers of the galaxy, they spend most of their time entertaining themselves however they see fit.  They focus their lives on community and leisure.


Warping Right Whales


Not agile in close quarters but they possess the ability to travel through subspace, essentially allowing them the broadcast or warp themselves to far off points.  


Pulsar Porpoises


These are some of the most durable physical creatures in the known universe.  They can withstand the energy emitted from a pulsar stars, which they feed off, and will form enormous communities around the stars effectively blacking them out. Colonies exist around each pulsar star that has any potential to impact any Celestial Cetacean territory.


Helio Humpbacks


These creatures live in pods and family groups.  The feed off the coronas of stars.


Binary Blue Whales


When Blue Whales were introduced to new potential living areas they chose a planetary system with binary stars and several moons.  This system had significant tidal fluctuations which proved optimal for supporting sea life. With the growth of technology and other social advancements the Blue Whale culture grew into a utopia, or as close as one species could design.  


Boson Belugas


Living in pods they travel with the cosmic schools or orbit feeding planets.  They, to a certain extent, can manipulate matter, effectively giving them the ability to control temperature of a certain area of molecules as they choose.  


Nebulonic Narwhals


Nebulonic Narhwals use their elongated tooth to create a stream of nebula clouds, which they feed from and live in. Organizing their feeding patterns, they help promote the development of stars that could support life.


Fermionic Sperm Whales


Living largely solitary lives, they travel in search of cosmic squid on which to feed, which are mostly found in asteroid fields within the Celestial Cetacean territories.  Fermionic Sperm Whales can manipulate matter to effectively give them the ability to control the stability of molecular bonds of a certain area, though this requires a large amount of concentration to use effectively.    


Anyonic Ambulocetus


These cetaceans are mysterious two-dimensional beings that rarely interact with any other species.  They travel throughout the Celestial Cetacean territories regularly but seemingly almost never interacting with anything. An encounter is a rare and special event.


Chrono Crenatocetus


The first of the Celestial Cetaceans, those that were directly affected by Chaos along with the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine and the Cephalopod of Doom in the Eocene Epoch.  They come back to Earth periodically to liberate and develop other species.


Dysonic Dorudon


They store and transfer vast amounts of solar energy and do so to support many Celestial Cetacean energy needs. While Dysonic Dorudons can consume solar energy to sustain themselves if needed, they do still require a regular diet comparable to a Dorudon atrox, such as small fish and mollusks.  


Blackbody Basilosaurus


Their skin acts as a near ‘blackbody’ material to camouflage them not just visually but from almost all manners of detection.  They also use this to regulate their temperature while traveling through space. They can be extremely dangerous creatures but are low in numbers and tend to travel alone.    


Ichthyolestes of Kepler 62f


A colony of mostly land dwelling early whales, Kepler 62f is one of the many habitable planets within the territories of the Celestial Cetaceans.  Brought to Kepler 62f for repopulation prior to extinction on Earth by the Chrono Crenatocetus’ and have thrived there ever since.


Pakicetus of Kepler 62f


Land dwelling early or proto whale residing on Kepler 62f.


Tesla Tohoraata


Feeding on dust fields, comet tails, and any nebulous mass of matter, these creatures build up electric potential within specialized muscle fibers in a similar but significantly more powerful manner than that of electric eels.  


Cosmic Zygophyseter


Sentries that patrol the outer reaches of the Celestial Cetaceans territory.  They feed mostly on cosmic squid.


Livyatan the Protectors


Only a very small population of Livyatan currently exist.  The eldest is the leader of the Brygmophyseter Corps, which serve as protectors of the Celestial Cetaceans in various capacities.  


The Brygmophyseter Corps


Essentially the law enforcement and military for the Celestial Cetaceans.  They are comprised of mostly Brygmophyseters but not entirely. There are various groups that have different enhancements and specializations.  Large groups can be found on the outer edges of the Celestial Cetacean territories.


Oscillating Odobenocetops


Using their ability to oscillate at high frequencies, they use their tusks to drill into asteroids and other celestial bodies to feed.  Somewhat nomadic, they typically stay within the Celestial Cetaceans territory but do sometimes wander about the galaxy.


Anisotropic Australodelphis


Very similar to today’s dolphins, Anisotropic Australodelphis’ travel in pods and are extremely intelligent. Depending on how they orient themselves in a group, they can utilize or amplify different abilities. They are very much stronger together than they are apart.