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The BEast of Nod


The Beast of Nod is a five-piece death metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. Their music combines elements of old-school death metal, technical death metal, and modern progressive metal. They currently have two EPs (Enter the Land of Nod and Arrival) available for free streaming or paid download, and are currently recording their first full-length album.

The Beast of Nod is

Vocals / Paul Buckley
Guitar / Görebläster Körpse-härvest Lunden
Guitar / Norwood Pearson-Waclawik
Bass / Brendan Burdick
Drums / Nate MacMillen


What People are Saying about Us

The Beast of Nod are one of those “how the hell have I not heard of these guys, and why are they not signed yet?” death metal bands.
— Keep The Metal Flowing
Guitar solos, in charge of Görebläster Körpse-härvest Lunden, are led to a next level.
— Broken Tomb Magazine
I’ll wait for more beasts like this to arrive - 89%
— http://donsmetalreviews.blogspot.com/
In my opinion The Beast Of Nod are a very great sounding technical death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this EP. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Cephalopod Of Doom” and “Ascension”. 8 out of 10.
— http://extrememetalzine.blogspot.com/2016/03/the-beast-of-nodarrival2016-ep-review.html

Logo and Artwork

Our current logo and associated artwork for use on flyers and other promotional material.

Credit for the logo design goes to Deep Ov Filsufatia. Credit for the background art goes to Chris DiGiuseppe. 


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